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Injustice, Ignorance and the Purgatory: Cry and Whisper in the Dialogue of Cultures


  Private Lives and Public Domains in Contemporary Iran

Eying the people around may be regarded as an impropriety in some cultures. The outlandish habit of staring at total strangers sometimes irritates foreign visitors to countries where people do not see anything wrong with unsolicited eye contact. To the natives, being looked at may be a sign of due attention, recognition and even respect. Many prefer a probing gaze to being politely ignored.


  Iranian Law and the Media

Iranian governments, before and after the 1979 revolution, have cracked down on the press upon expediency and with draconian laws and decrees.  No wonder few journalists can see enough reasons to take the Press Law seriously.  Nevertheless, preoccupation with the law could linger and attempts to change or amend it may repeat.




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